Empower – Instant Willpower™ Sugar Cravings Help for Healthy Food Choices | Gymnema Sylvestre, 5HTP, Biotin, Chromium Picolinate | Supports Keto, Low Carb, Paleo Diets

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  • Safe & all-natural minty spray blocks sweet taste receptors in any food, including artificial sweeteners. Works instantly.
  • Targets the reward aspect of sweets and with consistent use can support healthy food choices.
  • Additional advanced ingredients support healthy mood and stress levels.
  • Concentrated Spray version is more effective than lozenges or tablets. Lasts longer, coats better, and delivery better results.
  • Can be used as often as needed

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Empower - Instant Willpower™ Stop Sugar Cravings for Healthy Weight Management | Gymnema Sylvestre Taste and Carb Blocker to Support Keto, Low Carb Diets

Empower - Instant Willpower™ Stop Sugar Cravings for Healthy Weight Management | Gymnema Sylvestre Taste and Carb Blocker to Support Keto, Low Carb Diets

Product description

Juniper Life EMPOWER Instant Willpower
Juniper Life EMPOWER Instant Willpower


Eliminates Sweet Taste

Stops Emotional Eating Triggers

Boosts Energy, Mood and Motivation

For over 3,000 years the Gymnema Sylvestre Extract in Empower has blocked the sweet taste receptors, without affecting the taste regular food, for up to 3 hours helping support healthy eating habits.

By instantly blocking the sweet tastes of unhealthy sugary foods, Empower supports healthy food choices by helping navigate emotional and stress-induced cravings.

Our proprietary blend of guarana seed extract, 5-HTP, and chromium picolinate helps support natural levels of mood, stress, and nerves.

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FAQ: What do sweets taste like after using Empower?

When the sweet flavors from sugary foods are removed they take on the subtle underlying flavors. For instance, eating a donut may taste like eating batter. Drinking a soda… well… its gross. Really gross.

FAQ: What do fruits taste like after using Empower?

Many have reported that fruit still tastes great. The flavor may be a little less intense but still enjoyable

FAQ: Is this okay to take at night?

There is a very small amount of natural caffeine from the guarana ingredient but its very small. It wont impair sleeping. In fact, its a very good idea to take Empower after dinner to avoid any unhealthy late night snacking.

FAQ: How long will a bottle last?

With normal use it should last 60 days. If cravings are strong and multiple sprays a day are necessary, it will last 30 days.

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Sustained Energy

Helps Stress Eating

Binge Eating Support


Supports Healthy Stress Levels

Healthy Eating Support

Improved Focus

Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response

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