6x GINGER FAVOR Foot Reflexology Chinese medicine foot bath powder kits cold blood … - 6

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Product description

Islandoffer Foot ReflexologyIslandoffer Foot Reflexology
  • Each box of 20 packets, each packet of 8 grams.
  • Easy to use

For relieving Menstrual Pain: Wormwood, Ginger, Saffron

For recover and rejuvenate: Wormwood, Ginger, Yao Herbs

For relieving Eczema and Athlete’s foot: Ginseng, Saffron, Yao Herbs

For slimming: Chinese Herbs, Yao Herbs

For Better Sleep: Chinese Herbs, Yao Herbs, Wormwood;

For Relieving stress: Ginseng, Chinese Herbs, Yao Herbs

For Smoker/Drinker: Ginseng, Yao Herbs, Saffron


1. Take out 2 packets of foot bath powder dissolving into the water

2. Add appropriate amount of cold/warm water to enjoy the relaxing foot detox bath

Relax your feet with a folding bucket

Relax your feet with a folding bucket

Choose your favors

Choose your favors

Each box contains 20 packs

Each box contains 20 packs

Good for your health

Good for your health

Use a bucket to do the job for you

Relax your feet with a bucket

Choose your favors

Choose whatever favors you like

Each box contains 20 packs

each pack contains Mineral salt, Wormwood/Ginger/Yao/Gensang/Saffron/Herb extracts

Good for your health

Relax yourself with foot massage sometimes after work

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